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Aquaponics, an organic farming system, first pioneered by the Aztec civilisation, proves relevant even today. This technology allows the users to grow organic vegetables using aquaculture in a sustainable way.


About Aquaponics

The plants in an aquaponics system are grown in a soil-less medium. All necessary nutrients are provided by aquaculture. In comparison to hydroponics, aquaponics uses no chemicals and saves large amounts of water.


Grospire aspires to create and spread awareness about sustainable agriculture and organic farming. Through our Aquaponics systems, we aim to take our users to a healthier lifestyle and reconnect them with nature from the comfort of their homes.



In traditional organic farming, 50 plants would require an approximate area of 100-150 sq. ft and a lot of manual work. Our terrace farming system enables the users to grow food in a space as confined as 4sq.ft. while using 90% less water. With almost negligible maintenance, our system gives 30x yield per square feet. Our innovative product results in reduced space & effort requirement, enabling the users to set up vertical gardens on their terraces/rooftops and access fresh, organic vegetables.


Our innovation in aquaponics, allows the water to flow in a vertical plane, both upwards & downwards, which results in better:

  • Nutrition Delivery
  • Temperature Control
  • pH Balance
  • Water Conductivity
  • Plant & Fish Health


Conventionally, the vegetables that we consume are harvested 48-72 hours before they reach the market. With our aquaponics system, the user can harvest vegetables from their terrace garden just minutes before consumption.